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Why choose Bow Wow Village?
Pet owners choose Bow Wow Village because we hire only the most dedicated and responsible pet care professionals. All applicants undergo a background check (national, local, and sex offender's criminal background check), drug screening, employment and reference checks, and come with training in First Aid and CPR (we require written competency testing of these vital functions prior to hiring, semi-annual written competency recertification, and annual class recertification). Within 90 days of hire, our pet care professionals must show written competency in Canine Behavior and Basic Obedience Training. The background check is conducted annually and each pet care professional is enrolled in a random drug screening program. We are a registered, insured and bonded company. We provide detailed visit reports with GPS data and offer 24/7 access to automated scheduling with email confirmation of appointments. 

What does your hiring/training process look like?
All candidates undergo a number of application and interview processes including a written competency skills assessment of vital functions (i.e., First Aid and CPR), followed by background investigations, which include a national, local and sex offender's criminal background search, identity and social security authentication, motor vehicle report check, drug screening, education and employment verification and reference checks. Written competency in Canine Behavior and Basic Obedience Training must be showned within 90 days of hire. Background checks are conducted annually, motor vehicle reports are conducted semi-annually, and the pet care professional is enrolled in a random drug screening program.

Are the Pet Care Professionals Independent Contractors or Employees of Bow Wow Village?
Our In-Home Pet Care Professionals are independent contractors and Facility personnel are employees.

What is an in-home consultation and how do I prepare?
An in-home consultation is conducted prior to commencing "in-home" pet care services. Bow Wow Village offers two types of consultations - with the owner/designee (Free) or with your Pet Care Specialist ($20.00). The consultation allows you and your family to meet with a member of our company and to get a better understanding of how our services can meet your pet care needs. To prepare for your in-home consultation, please register on Precise Petcare, our online scheduling software and input all pertinent details regarding your home, contact information, and pet(s) information. Please also prepare two sets of house keys for our use. We ask that you test each set of keys to ensure they are operational. In the alternative, you may either purchase a key lock box or rent one from Bow Wow Village for a small monthly fee to be used by your pet care professional during visits; however, we encourage you to submit one (1) set of house keys to be stored in the office safe in case of lock-out and emergency situations.

Why do you need two sets of house keys? Can I just give you one?
We require two sets of house keys from all clients. One set of keys remains in the care of your primary pet care professional and the other set is kept in our office safe to be used in the case of a lock-out or emergency. All keys are coded for your security (no privacy information is identified on the keys). In the alternative, you may purchase or rent form Bow Wow Village a Key Lock Box in lieu of the set of house keys that would have gone to your primary pet care professional; however, we encourage you to submit one (1) set of house keys to be kept in our office safe to be used in the case of a lock-out or emergency. 

What is a primary pet care professional?
A primary pet care professional is a pet care specialist that is assigned to your area, your pet and your home. Your primary pet care professional may conduct the in-home consultation and will keep your key for use during future appointments (unless a key lock box is utilized). While your primary pet care professional may not always be available, they will be the first pet care specialist to be called on to care for your pets. 

What if my Primary Pet Care Professional is not available?
One of our other wonderful pet care professionals would be happy to care for your pet(s) in the case that your primary pet care professional is not available. It is imperative that you keep your client and pet(s) profile up-to-date in Precise Petcare to ensure that your back-up pet care professional is adequately prepared to care for your pet(s). 

How do I know when your staff was at my home?
We provide clients with detailed reports with GPS data for each of our visits so that you know when we were in your home and what was accomplished. Pet Sitting reports are provided for pet sitting services. Dog Walking Reports are provided for dog walking services. The Pet Sit and Dog Walk reports will include details of the visit, including arrival time, completed tasks, visit summary and departure time. 

Does your staff wear uniforms?
The pet care professional will provide the services in plain clothing (this is for security purposes and for the appearance that your home is not vacant). However, they carry a pet care specialist identification badge at all times.

I have a special needs pet, can you accommodate special requests?
As professional pet care specialists, we are prepared to care for pets of all ages, sizes, temperaments and needs. Please contact us to further discuss your pet's individual needs and our availability. 

Do you provide services for all types of pets?
We provide services for non-aggressive dogs and cats. However, Bow Wow Village does not provide services for the following breeds and all mix thereof: Pitt Bull including American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier (illegal to own in Prince George's County). We will consider on a case-by-case basis the following breeds: Rottweiler, Siberian Husky, Saint Bernard, German Shepherd, Akita, Great Dane, Doberman Pinscher, Chow Chow, Alaskan Malamute, Presa Canarios, and Wolf-hybrids (wolfdogs). 

Do you require a minimum number of visits per day while I'm traveling (pet sitting)?
In order to provide the best possible service and in keeping with the terms of our insurance policy, we require a minimum of two visits per day for dogs (excludes day of departure and arrival) and one visit per day for cats during the duration of your trip. Bow Wow Village LLC must be the sole and exclusive pet caretaker for the duration of your travel time (we cannot share pet care duty responsibilities with other individuals or companies for liability purposes).

Is there a mileage surcharge for your services?
The travel fee "to and from" are included in the price of your services if it is within 10 miles of headquarters (6710 Laurel Bowie Rd, Bowie, MD 20715). Add $5.00 for travel between 10.01 - 13 miles and $10 for travel between 13.01 - 16 miles of headquarters. For travel beyond 16 miles, please call our office for assistance.

Are there any pet requirements?
For the safety of our Pet Care Professionals and the other pets we service, all pets must meet the following requirements and regulations to receive services from Bow Wow Village:
  • HEALTH: Pets must be in good overall health, to include being on a regular flea & tick control maintenance program (i.e., Frontline, Advantage, etc.)
  • BEHAVIOR: All pets must be non-aggressive and not food or toy protective.

What is your cancellation policy?
We ask for 48 hours notice on all additions, changes, and cancellations for non-holiday pet care visits. Visits canceled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged 50% and less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full. Visits that are canceled with a minimum of 48 hours notice will be credited to your account to use toward future services. For our Holiday Cancellation Policy, we ask for 14 days notice for changes (reduction in service) and cancellations. Visits canceled with less than 14 days notice will be charged 50% (remainder credited to your account to use toward future services) and less than 72 hours notice will be charged in full. All credits expire six months from the date of cancellation.

How do I make reservations?
We ask clients to schedule reservations through our online scheduling software, Precise Petcare Time. Reservation requests are approved, charged, and confirmed via Precise Petcare within 24 hours (visits are on a pre-paid basis).

How do I make changes to existing reservations?
If unable to make changes directed in the online software (Precise Petcare), please contact us at with "Reservations" in the subject line to make changes to existing reservations. 

Do you take last minute requests?
A Late Reservation is when service is requested less than 72 hours (3 days) before the actual date of service. However, we are happy to accommodate last minute requests when possible. All requests that are being made with less than 24 hours must be emailed to ("Reservations" in the subject line). Requests with more than 24 hours notice can be inputted into Precise Petcare (online reservation system). We will respond to all requests as soon as possible. Late reservation surcharges are as followed:
  • Less than 72 hours (3 days) notice - $10.00
  • Less than 48 hours (2 days) notice - $15.00
  • Less than 24 hours (1 day) notice -   $20.00

Do you offer refunds?
We do not offer refunds. Please ensure that your reservation request data is accurate prior to scheduling pet care service.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Cash, money order, personal check and credit card payments.

What is your Inclement Weather & Disaster Contingency Plan?
In order to ensure the safety of our pet care professionals and the community we serve, we initiate our Inclement Weather & Disaster Contingency Plan when localities either delay school openings, close schools early or close schools entirely (Prince George's County Public Schools "PGCPS") due to potentially dangerous weather conditions. When initiated, we announce our Inclement Weather Plan for that day on our web page and via email. During inclement weather situations, our dog walking, pet sitting, and overnight service schedules may be changed, interrupted, altered or canceled. We ask that all clients provide us with an inclement weather emergency contact that can care for your pet(s) in the event that we cannot access your home. Ideally, your emergency contact should be able to walk to your home and have working keys for entry (family, friends or neighbors). All visits that are canceled as a result of inclement weather are credited to your account for use toward future services. Credits must be used within six months of the cancellation date. We also ask that you consider your pet care professional's safety by clearing steps and walkways of ice and snow and by designating a neighbor to do so when you are traveling. Please note that our pet care professionals are empowered to shorten exercise time during extreme temperatures, heavy rainfall, lightning and/or thunderstorms. In such cases, outdoor exercise time will be replaced with indoor playtime.

An outline of our procedures are as followed:

  1. Bow Wow Village will notify you that the inclement weather contingency plan has been activated. In addition to the communication avenues listed above, Bow Wow Village will attempt to contact you via telephone.
  2. Your Emergency contact will be notified and placed on "Stand-by" status.
  3. Our dog walking services may be altered or canceled where local school localities (PGCPS) either delay or close schools early by two (2) or more hours. The dog walking services will be canceled where the local school localities close schools for the entire day.
  4. Your Pet Care Specialist ("PCS") will make every effort to drive to your home, if it is safe to do so, to secure your pet in a safe location per your specifications (e.g., room, gated area, etc.).
  5. PCS will make necessary preparations in your home to ensure your pet has enough food and water in case service modification becomes necessary.
  6. Where roads remain hazardous and it would be an unsafe act for the PCS to attempt to travel to your home, your prearranged emergency contact will be notified and activated.
  7. As soon as road conditions improve, PCS will continue/complete service and your emergency contact will be deactivated.
  8. Where the impending inclement weather is known prior to client’s departure or scheduled service dates, Bow Wow Village reserves the right to cancel service. Clients may also opt to cancel service. A full credit will be issued for future service (credits expire in six months).
  9. During extreme temperatures, heavy rainfall, lightning and/or thunderstorms, our pet care specialists are authorized to shorten the exercise time by half. The remainder of the scheduled exercise time will be replaced with indoor playtime.
  10. In cases of mandatory evacuations, your pre-arranged emergency contact will be notified and immediately activated. A full credit for future services will be issued for any unused service (credits expire in six months).

Other Important Information:

  • Always be prepared for emergencies by having the following readily available: a crate/carrier for each pet for transport, current pet photos, current ID tag, up-to-date vaccination records, and any medication that the pet(s) would need.
  • Pets requiring medication or special attention will be given priority.
  • The Inclement Weather & Disaster Contingency Plan will only be implemented for pet(s) we are caring for at the time of the severe weather or disaster event.


Do you have references?
Our customers are happy to speak with you about their experience with us. Please contact us for a list of references in your area. 

Do you have a referral incentive program?
As part of our Bow Wow Village referral program, we offer you and the person you refer a referral bonus. There is no limit to how many referrals you may have so spread the word.  See the Referral Bonus section on our website for more details.

May I tip my pet care professional?
You are welcome to reward your pet care professional for a job well done by leaving a tip for them directly. It is appropriate to tip your pet care specialist 10% of the total bill. This is merely a suggested guideline only and not required.

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