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"Pet Care Professional Employment Application"

Please read this before applying for the Pet Care Professional position. An opportunity to fill out the Independent Contractor Questionnaire is at the bottom of the page.

All candidates must meet the following criteria:
  • Must be 18 years of age or older. 
  • Must live in or close proximity to one of our servicing areas.
  • Must be willing to commit to a minimum of nine (9) months.
  • Must be physically able to handle the requirements of the position. This could include walking or lifting large dogs, cleaning up bodily wastes, dealing with muddy yards, etc.
  • Must be able and comfortable to work with all types of dogs, breeds, sizes, and temperments (note, Bow Wow Village does not service Pit Bulls, mixes thereof or aggressive pets).
  • Must be able to work independently and willing to work in all weather conditions - rain, snow, and temperature extremes.
  • Must be available during peak hours of the day, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.
  • Must be available on some weekends and holidays (including two of three Winter holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukah and New Year's).
  • Must have a Smartphone (iPhone/Android, etc. required to use our mobile software application), computer with Internet access, and fax and email access during the day and evening hours.
  • Pass a thorough criminal, drug, motor vehicle, employment, and reference check.
  • Be team players with a deep appreciation for animals. Previous pet care experience (professionally or personally) is a must.
  • Provide proof of Pet First Aid & CPR training/certification and pass a written competency assessment of these vital functions prior to hiring, semi-annual written competency recertification, and annual class recertification.
  • Must be willing to complete additional pet care training in Canine Behavior and Basic Obedience Training within your first 90 days (written competency testing required).
  • Be honest, reliable, and flexible.
  • Be service oriented and committed to providing outstanding customer service and quality pet care.
  • Have a driver's license (with a good record) and reliable, insured transportation. Must be driving for at least 3 years with a regular class license.
  • Maintain a daily schedule log and accurately manage schedule of appointments.
  • Provide evidence of liability insurance and bond coverage (within 90 days of hire).


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Full-Time Employment, 40 hours per week? No we do not. All our work is on an as needed basis.

Is this a good job for those that need to pay lots of bills? No, this job is best suited for someone just wanting to supplement their income.

How far will I be driving? You choose your assignments. However, Bow Wow Village only services cities nearby Bowie, MD. The full listing is provided at the bottom of the page.

Do you accept aggressive pets? No, we do not.

Who tells me what time I must be at the home for pet visits? You will be in charge of your own schedule based on the variables given to you by the client.

Are you always busy? There will be some weeks when you are quite busy, other times will be very quiet and you will have a lot of free time. Our peak periods are during the fall and winter months and the holidays.

Can I accept or decline an assignment? You may accept or decline the assignment; if you accept, you are contractually obligated to complete the assignment.

Will I not be able to enjoy any Holiday time or must I work the whole day? You have the flexibility to set your own schedule.

How many assignments can I take on? You will have the flexibility to take on as many assignments as you would like.

What if I become ill or have an emergency? Once you accept an assignment, you are obligated to complete it. You should have a back-up plan to accommodate such situations. The pets in your care depend on you to complete your assignments and one (1) no-call, no-show is cause for immediate termination.

Can I have someone accompany me on any of my Pet Sits or Overnights (at client's home)? No. Only you are insured and contracted by the client to enter thier home, therefore only you are allowed in the homes. Adults, children and other pets ARE NOT permitted to enter homes due to safety and liability issues. Persons may ride along with you as long as they stay outside the home.

What is the Pay Rate for the Pet Care Professional position? We pay by the job. The caregiver will receive a percentage of the total customer invoice. The standard percentage is between 50%. Our Pet Care Professonals are paid a 5% LifeTime Premium Pay Bonus (in addition to the standard percentage rate) for overnight/boarding services.

Will I have any Benefits? As an independent contractor, you will not receive any fringe benefits. However, as an Independent Contractor (IC) for Bow Wow Village, you will be eligible to participate in our IC Incentive Program where you will have the opportunity to earn and cash-in points for rewards and prizes.

Do you take taxes out of what I earn? As an independent contractor, you are responsible for paying all your own taxes (Federal, State, and Local taxes). No federal, state or local income tax, social secuirity or payroll tax of any kind shall be withheld or paid by Bow Wow Village on your behalf.

Can I work for other Pet Sitting or Pet Care Companies and have my own clients? Yes, as an independent contractor you have the right to make your services available to the general public and to other pet sitting/pet care companies. However, you may not solicit any of our clients.

Can I accept an assignment and then change my mind? No, once you accept an assignment you must complete the job or you would be breaching the contract. We suggest you have a back-up or contingency plan for such instances.

Will you be supervising me and telling me how I must do the job? No, as an independent contractor you have the sole right to direct the time, place, means, manner, and method (including order and sequence) in which the services are performed.

Will I receive training? No. However, you must provide proof that you received training in Pet First Aid and CPR prior to being hired by Bow Wow Village and will be required to pass a written competency test of these vital skills.

Am I responsible for maintaining the professional skills necessary to perform the services, for example Pet First Aid and CPR? Yes. Since you are an independent contractor, you should keep up with the skills necessary to provide services in a professional manner.

Do you give me supplies to do the job? No. Whatever limited supplies you may need are provided by you. We do recommend you have, at minimum, the following supplies: leashes (6ft), dog barrier/gate for your car, pet first aid kit in your car, fanny pack, poop bags, pepper spray/mace and dog treats.

Will I be paid by the hour? No, you are paid a percentage (50 - 55%) of the total customer invoice for each completed assignment.

Will I have an office that you provide? No, you would work out of your own home and out in the field. Assignments will be offered to you via Internet, phone or email.

Can I refer to myself as an Employee of Bow Wow Village? No, you are not an employee and should never refer to yourself as an employee. You would be hired and treated as an Independent Contractor.

Will this be a permanent position? No, you will be working on an as needed basis.

We hope we have answered most of your questions. You will have an opportunity to ask other questions if you are selected for an interview.

If you are a responsible pet-lover and are interested in joining Bow Wow Village, please complete our independent contractor questionnaire and mail it back addressed in the following manner: 
c/o: Pet Lover Application: Your Last Name, Your First Name
6710 Laurel Bowie Rd Num 1021
Bowie, Maryland 20715
Failure to follow instructions shall result in immediate disqualification of your application. Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your application packet.

Click Here to Download the Independent Contractor Questionnaire

Sample Independent Contractor Agreement

Registered * Insured * Bonded

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